More fun in sets, part 2
Published On: August 8, 2021

Ok, so this is the second (out of a grand total of three, do not worry, I am not going to bombard you, I am not focused enough to maintain sustained bombardment) Blatant Flashing Of The Back Catalog post. ⁠

I’ve discovered both that you folks share my fondness for accessory sets, and that I am Absolutely Terrible at showing off anything other than what’s coming next, so I’m totally taking it as permission to occasionally flash a few pretties from the past.⁠

Yesterday we talked about single yarn patterns (go back a post if you missed it) so today I want to show you some of my favorite not-quite-colorwork sets. Because I truly do not enjoy proper colorwork, the sort where you have to use Two Yarns At The Same Time On The Same Row. To me, it feels hard and fiddly and fussy and just not my jam (please note, I love how it *looks* and if you like doing it I stand in awe of your talent and coordination, I just don’t enjoy *doing* it…this is 100% a limitation of what I’m good at, not at all a criticism of what you enjoy, please continue doing what you enjoy, regardless of whether I want to do it myself). So I tend to cheat and see what I can do with only using one color per row or with picking up and dropping accent yarns or whatever other sneaky tricks my devious little mind can devise. And these are three of my absolute favorite experiments!⁠

That rainbow gradient business is Various and Sundry. The gray and orange delights are Obstreperous and Incorrigible. And the yellow and white delight is Incise. ⁠

You can find them (and lots of other sets) either on ravelry, or on payhip. And all the accessory sets give you a discount if you buy all the pieces at once. Details of that are on each pattern’s listing (and please do be sure to read them, because every now and then the details differ slightly), but the gist is that you’ll get one of the patterns half off when you buy both pieces together, and you don’t need a code, you just need them in your cart at the same time.⁠

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