More fun in sets, part 3
Published On: August 9, 2021

Alrighty, last one (I told you I did not have the levels of focus required for sustained bombardment…we’ll just quietly be awed that I managed three posts in a row and call it good there.⁠

These three are all brioche. I fell hard for brioche a few years ago (we had a burst pipe, we had to have the floors in our Whole Damn House replaced, I spent an icy winter afternoon huddled in front of my computer, hiding from the incessant banging, teaching myself how to do it…if I can learn it under those circumstances, you can absolutely learn it too, about ten minutes in everyone goes ‘wait, is *that* all there is to it? Why did I spend so long thinking it was hard?’). I love it because it makes a marvelously forgiving fabric (really, it’s the very best kind of stretchy) and becuase it lets you play with color even if you’re generally absolutely terrified of color. ⁠

The swoopy blue and white one in the first picture is Presage and Portend. The pink and green one is Proclivity and Predilection. And the gradient blue and white one in the last picture is Inklings and Intimations.

You can find them (and lots of other sets) either on ravelry, or on payhip. And all the accessory sets give you a discount if you buy all the pieces at once. Details of that are on each pattern’s listing (and please do be sure to read them, because every now and then the details differ slightly), but the gist is that you’ll get one of the patterns half off when you buy both pieces together, and you don’t need a code, you just need them in your cart at the same time.⁠

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