And down!
Published On: July 26, 2022

And with that, the ravelry and payhip shops are down! For the first time since April of 2009, I don’t have anything anywhere for anyone to buy directly from me.

At least I don’t think I do. It’s possible I missed something (fourteen years of work in the form of hundreds of patterns across several sites gets a bit…unwieldy to ever say anything definite about). And I’ll be on the lookout for those over the coming weeks. But I *think* everything is down.

I’ll do a big wrap up/what comes next post in a few days.

The short version is that most patterns are gone and are not coming back (though anything in your ravelry library stays right where it is).

A tiny handful of patterns, six to be precise, will be back (probably in September).

There will be new patterns too (also probably in September).

The patreon will launch later this year (yup, you guessed it, probably in September).

More info in the wrap up/what comes next post mentioned above (probably either late this week or early next). Then after that, I’m going to be awfully darn quiet for a little bit.

Not the usual kind of quiet where I’m still checking my email most days and I’ve diligently worked ahead and scheduled content for instagram and twitter and the blog for every day or at most every other day.

The real quiet.

The kind where I’m Actually Not Working.

For Many Consecutive Days.

For the first time in I don’t know how long.

And then? Well then, in the not too distant future, we’ll do something grand!

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