Wrap up
Published On: August 1, 2022

I wanted to do a little wrap up/what comes next post, now that the sale is over and the patterns are down. This is the slightly longer/link infested version of the post over here on instagram and twitter (because dammit, I’m wordy, and those both have character/formatting limitations that I smash right into on a regular basis).

1) All the patterns are down! Some time later this year* six will come back. A few others may appear from time to time, but generally speaking, they’re staying gone. I don’t ever intend to go back to having hundreds of patterns available. (Ahem…and while most folks have been truly lovely about me saying I need to run my business in a way that is sustainable for me, one of this week’s writing tasks is coming up with a civil, or at least civil-adjacent copy/pasteable response to have on hand for the handful of folks who have been…less than lovely. So that’s fun.)

2) There will continue to be new patterns! Not at the same rate, because trying to crank out patterns twice a month is unsustainable in the long run. But there will be new ones (the little spools will be the first new one to come out, likely late next month), and oh, oh am I excited for them!

3) In addition to patterns, there will also be a patreon. I’ll talk about it over the next few weeks, but the general idea is that some of the new patterns will have bonus content. If you want the bonus content (or you just like the pictures I take & the words I write & you want to help support all the stuff I share online), you can join the patreon.

4) I’ll open patreon signups soon, likely early next month (mailing list folks get first dibs on early bird spots). But trying to exist in the fire hose stream of dreck that is general social media is increasingly unappealing. I like the idea of making some things for a more focused group of folks. Patreon seems like the way to do that. And I’m feeling ever more confident that this is the right choice, in large part because of how the sale went. Which brings us to the last point…

5) The sale went well. Really well. Like the sort of well where instead of panicking & scrambling & being worried this was a terrible idea, I feel happy & calm & chill & excited for what comes next.

And oh yeah, the kind of well where we got to donate TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to a local abortion provider.

And then donate ANOTHER THEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to a local trans organization.

And then give away A THOUSAND PATTERNS to folks who didn’t have space in the budget for indulgences.

Because when good things happen, we spread it around. And you folks made a lot of good things happen!

You’ll hear more from me over the coming weeks (seriously, I’m not going away, I’m just going to be sharing stuff at an ever so slightly less frantic rate, so that I don’t, you know, die), but here’s to more good things to come!

*Henceforth and forever more, assume any date or time range I give for something happening in the future has a great big, flashing ‘Assuming Neither I Nor Any Of My Most Important People Are Felled By One Of The Various Plagues Or Disasters We’re All Constantly Dodging’ disclaimer on it. Actually, go ahead and do yourself and everyone you interact with a massive favor by putting that mental disclaimer on literally everything. Because we’re all trying to survive a series of intersecting and intensifying catastrophes, and boy oh boy is it a mistake to think you can hold yourself to the schedule or level of certainty that was (just barely, maybe, possibly) feasible a few years ago. And if you try too hard for too long, you will break. It’s way better to extend everyone a bit of grace. Even if you don’t need it now, you will one day, and it’s better to get in practice now.

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