Published On: September 1, 2022

The folks at MaineTransNet Youth reached out to let me know that you’ve gotten their queer youth craft club all stocked up! You are amazing, thank you so much!

The folks organizing the club need to be careful that they don’t end up with more supplies than they can use/store, so here’s the plan:

1) If you’ve got a box packed up and ready to go, it’s totally cool to still go ahead and send it, I don’t want anyone wasting postage they’ve already bought. But if the project was still sort of in that nebulous ‘oh yeah, I should do that this weekend’ stage, hold off for now.

2) If you sent something, I totally want to give you a little treat to say thank you! Go here and tell me your email address, upload a picture of your package, and pick an ebook for me to send you. (It’s fine to hide your return address, I won’t do anything with your pictures, and you won’t get any email from me other than the one with your ebook.) The form will be open through Tuesday September 6 and will accept 25 submissions (if it’s not taking submissions, that means all 25 slots are taken). I’ll send out the ebooks Wednesday or Thursday of next week (it’s a long holiday weekend here, and I’m totally relaxing all weekend long, hence not doing it Monday or Tuesday).

3) I know someone is feeling a little disappointed they didn’t get their package ready yet! But it’s super important to listen when somewhere says ‘thanks, we have enough now.’ Seriously, if you’re not listening to people and respecting what they tell you, you easily can do more harm than good, no matter your intentions. But, I’ve asked the organizers to let me know if they need more supplies in the future, and if anyone knows of another group like this looking for material, let me know and maybe we can do this again sometime.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm for this. The world feels rotten and scary a whole lot these days, and it’s really marvelous to see how many of you are eager to help out where you can!

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