Completely normal and reasonable
Published On: September 2, 2022

I only like these a completely normal and reasonable amount. The amount most people would like them. Not at all the amount that would cause a person’s friends to privately express concerns about their welfare or decision making skills. Yup. The totally normal and correct amount. For sure.

They’ll be out soon! They’ll be the first pattern to come out under the new setup, and I’ll be doing things a bit differently, so if you want to hear when they come out, you can make that happen by clicking here and signing up to be notified when they’re ready.

And someone out there is waiting very patiently for me to say, so the bowl is from the delightful Scout + Bean, the silk embroidery thread is Molly Girl Yarn’s Legato, and the needle is a very fancy bit of business from Fizzy Stitches.

I’m planning the photo shoot for these, and I swear everything is going to just gleam (yes, yes I d* indulge myself in the very very nicest things to take pattern photos with..I should probably feel bad about it, but wow oh wow is it more fun to take pattern photos when you’ve got pretty props)!

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