Grand Plans
Published On: September 8, 2022

Did I have grand plans to knit an extra of each of the patterns that are coming back so I could talk about them and tell you little stories about them and give you soft fuzzy feelings about them? And so I’d have some sort of content to share with you while I’m doing the never ending list of tiny, fiddly tasks that are involved in this massive project?


Did I manage to pull that off for the hearts and the stars and the acorns?

Yeah, somehow I did!

Did I manage to do that for the houses? Did I manage to make the giant one to go around a tea tin that I’ve been dreaming about since I first had the idea?

three colorful knitted houses

No I very much did not. All that valuable house knitting time got spent screaming ‘I Design Knitting, Not Websites, WHY IS IT DOING THAT’ at my website or emailing my accountant with this week’s list of weird questions or arguing with my credit card processor or my mailing list provider or one of the seven thousand other tasks that, I assure you, I have enjoyed less than I would have enjoyed knitting a house.

But I did still totally want to tell you that these are one of the patterns coming back (not long now, like next week assuming nothing goes excitingly wrong in my world between now and then).

They’re called Chimney, and if you want a heads up when they come back, click here and fill in the little form. I’ll email you as soon as they’re back up!

In the meantime, if you’ll excuse me, I think I have to go try and pretend, once again, that a person who knits tiny nonsense is in any way qualified to try and make a website.

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