Published On: September 9, 2022

So while I did not actually manage to knit a brand new house, I do have something new to show you. Well, no, the towers are not actually new. I knit them back when I knit the houses, I just didn’t share them when I first knit them.

I didn’t show them to anyone back then because the thought of adding Yet Another Thing into that house pattern (the house pattern that already included two different shapes of house in three different sizes and five gauges, had four pages of charts, seven pages of step-by-step photos, and four pages of printable templates so you could make your own bits to go inside if you didn’t happen to have blocks, and was already creeping up on 30 pages long) seemed…excessive.

So I kept them all to myself.

There’s a LOT of stuff like that that I end up either keeping to myself all together or only showing you the swatching stages because putting even more stuff in my patterns just isn’t practical most of time.

Practicality has always demanded I restrain my enthusiasms. This is my job. There are limits to how many copies a knitting pattern will sell. Which means I have to get patterns out at a pretty quick clip if I want to pay the bills. And turning patterns out quickly means I don’t get to include things like the nifty little towers (even though I love them more than anyone past about third grade probably should).

I’m hoping the patreon changes that and gives me a bit more time and space to explore those odd little flights of fancy. It’s going up next week!

If you want me to tell you when it launches (I’m going to have a special early bird tier on there for the first few folks who sign up), head over here. I’ll send a message out to those folks first when it goes live!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go devote all of my attention to not accidentally making a matching castle. Wish me well…

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