How shall we begin?
Published On: October 3, 2022

Every year, when the days start to get shorter, I find myself dealing with an urge to do something fairly absurd…

I have to make these. Lots and lots and lots of these. No really, quite a lot of these.

And every year, people ask me how to make them. And every year, I say ‘I don’t want to get work vibes all over my playtime.’ And that’s true! But here’s the thing…

The whole point of patreon is to let me do more of the things that feel like play, and then share them with patrons. And wow oh wow are these a thing that feel like play…and it would be rather fun to share them.

So I was thinking of creating a nifty little guide to making them with both general info (like what sort of paper you need and where to get it and how to prep it, how to hold them together and hang them) and step-by-step instructions for how to make several different stars and sending that out to the appropriate patrons in time to make them this winter. But…I also get that this is not precisely knitting related, and I’d totally understand if that wasn’t quite what folks were expecting.

So I figured I’d just ask! Shall we have the first little bundle of enthusiasms for patrons be a how to guide for these stars? Or shall we see if we can find something that at least involves yarn somehow? You can vote right over here and we’ll see how everyone is feeling!

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