Published On: October 4, 2022

Ensorcellment is back! Though I regret to inform you that there have been several credible reports of ghostly apparitions in recent days…

If you’re feeling brave enough to risk it, the pattern is up on both ravelry and payhip. The code “BOO” will take 10% off for the next day or two.

Patreon folks at the appropriate tiers should sense a spectral presence emanating from their inboxes (as should anyone who bought it before the patterns came down this summer).

And should any of you come to feel a cold chill in the air or notice a shadowy movement out of the corner of your eye or hear a thump in an empty room, don’t be alarmed. I have it on good authority that this particular otherworldly friend is just looking for a fetching hat. Your safest course of action is to make one as soon as possible and leave it out for them to find.

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