Published On: October 7, 2022

Yup. Yup I know. It looks, um, a bit peculiar at this stage. I fully admit it. But it will undergo a significant increase in cuteness before we’re done.

And I won’t ask you to take it entirely on faith, Little Skein Anne has seen where this is going (that’s her gorgeous yarn) and will probably vouch for me and reassure everyone that I have not lost all sense.

But before it can get all officially cute, I have to knit, um, a couple more. Just a few. Because tiny things are so often better in sets. And I am wildly susceptible to the idea of variations and options and modifications.

Do feel free to leave either your best guesses as to what it will become or encouragement to get on with it and knit the rest over on instagram. Perhaps the kittens will read them aloud to me as I work…

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