Published On: October 19, 2022

Huh, ok, you folks are as enamored of the books as I am. I mean I probably should have known. We knitters do tend to be a bookish bunch on the whole. But it’s always lovely to find out for sure!⁠

So, normally I’d do this a little closer to the release, but since folks are excited, I figure maybe I’ll start now. To build these little books you need some…stuff to go inside. I want to give you plenty of time to track that stuff down so you can cast on when the pattern comes out if you’re so inclined.⁠

Specifically, you need either a tin (we’ll talk about those soon) or a drawer-style box. I do not know if there’s an official name for these boxes, I always just think of them as matchbox boxes. But you want the sort where you’ve got a little sleeve and then an open top box that goes in the sleeve and slides in and out like a drawer.⁠

These are, of course, one of The Best Kinds of Boxes (I’ll just assume I don’t have to explain to you that yes, I do have a complicated box taxonomy and some boxes are better than others and that drawer boxes are one of the most favored boxes). ⁠

The easiest way to find one is probably to buy the massive giant box of matches from the hardware store. Or, if your state allows it, head somewhere that sells the, ahem, special chocolate bars. They tend to come in nifty boxes like that. But you can also search for ‘blank matchbox’ or ‘slider box’ or ‘slide open box’ online. Anywhere that sells wedding stuff or craft stuff or paper goods will likely have several options. ⁠

Don’t worry about the size, the pattern will have instructions on how to customize it to whatever size box (or tin) you end up using. But do try to look for something that has bookish sort of proportions (taller than it is wide, wider than it is deep) for the best results.⁠

Or, just sit tight and keep an eye out for the nifty little kits Little Skein Anne is putting together if you just sort of want to make them without going on a treasure hunt first! ⁠Either way, the pattern will be out early next month. Do the mailing list thing if you want to be sure to hear when it’s out!

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