Published On: October 20, 2022

Ok, so we talked about the box option for the insides yesterday, today let’s look at the tins.⁠

As I said in the previous post, you need…something…to go inside your book and be the ‘pages’ (ahem, and also the wee tiny compartment where you hide your treasures, but I assume you know that bit already). We talked about boxes last time, but I suspect most of you are going to use tins because they’re even easier to find and tend to accumulate in the dark corners of desks and closets. At least they do in my house, you could have more self control than I do.

The two little finished ones up there use blank tins the size of an altoids tin, because I figured that was just about the easiest size to get your hands on (you can easily find blank ones online if you search for ‘blank altoids tin’). ⁠

But you can absolutely use something else if that’s what you have on hand. The pattern talks you through doing a custom size. Just like with the boxes, all you want to do is look for one with bookish proportions (taller than it is wide, wider than it is deep, hinged on the long side) and it will be perfect!

Or, just sit tight and keep an eye out for the nifty little kits Little Skein Anne is putting together if you just sort of want to make them without going on a treasure hunt first! ⁠Either way, the pattern will be out early next month. Do the mailing list thing if you want to be sure to hear when it’s out!

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