Supply list
Published On: November 2, 2022

The books are coming soon (next week!), so let’s do a quick supply list so you can have everything you’ll need on hand when the pattern drops!

You build the books around a hinged tin (like a mint tin) or a slider box (like a matchbox), and that’s the main thing you’ll need to have handy.

You’ll be able to see the tin in the finished book, so if you want, you can either decorate the outside of the tin or look for a pretty/plain one. You’ll only see the end of the box, so it doesn’t matter what the rest of it looks like (though again, you can decorate it if you want to).

Your tins/boxes don’t need to be the same size as mine. The pattern walks you through using whatever size tin or box you like.

In addition to the tin or box, you’ll also need some heavy cardboard or sturdy plastic for the cover. You want something that’s thick enough to be sturdy but thin enough that you can cut it to size. I almost always use something that was headed to the recycling bin.

It doesn’t matter if there’s something on the cardboard or plastic because you won’t be able to see them in the finished book.

Finally, you’ll need some strong, quick-drying glue (something like superglue), and you may want some super strong magnets (you’ll want the little silver neodymium ones, the black ones you find at the craft store won’t be strong enough). The magnets are optional, but I’m fond of them and think they make the whole thing more fun!

Everything else is normal knitting supplies (fingering weight yarn, needles that let you work in the round) plus whatever you want for embellishments (I used some lovely silk embroidery floss and buttons, but the only real limiting factor there is your imagination)!

If the idea of tracking down supplies sounds daunting, Little Skein Anne is putting together some kits. She’s got one with just the funny bits and one that includes both funny bits and the lovely yarn I used in mine, so you’ve got options!

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