Published On: November 3, 2022

This week featured a whole bunch of complicated and frustrating life stuff that I can’t actually do much about. And my usual response to that particular feeling is well then point me at something I can do something about so I can feel a bit more in control. So I broke out the sewing machine and finally sorted out some storage for my needles.

Because my needles have been living in a box, all jumbled up with each other, for the last few months. And this was…not ideal. But I found a drawer unit with shallow drawers, and I had some felt, and figured I could sort something out.

I started by dividing up all the needles to see how many sizes I was dealing with.

Then I measured my felt and measured my drawers and did a little math. Then I did a bit of very basic sewing (no really, all straight lines, the sewing took about fifteen minutes per drawer, sorting the needles took longer).

Then I tucked the sewn up fabric in the drawer and loaded it up! It’s basically the equivalent of a silverware tray but for knitting needles.

It is by no means fancy. I’m not even sure anyone but me would like it. But it works really well for how I use my needles.

And it felt damn good to actually solve a problem, even if it was a tiny, unimportant one. I might need some more felt…

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