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Published On: November 5, 2022

Ok, so the star book is…delightfully close to done!

It starts with a general guide to making the stars (things like supplies and folding advice and how to put them together and how to hang them), then has folding instructions for 6 different stars. It’s clocking in at 90 pages, and everything is on track to have it out at the very end of November (I’ll do a supply list/shopping resources post about a week before it comes out so you can have stuff on hand for release day).

Anyone who is a patron at one of the tiers where you get stuff at some point between the day it comes out and the last day of January, 2023 will have access to it (you don’t have to be a member for that whole time, just at some point during that time), and it will be exclusive to patreon folks during that time. It will eventually be for sale over on payhip, but not until next year. (I’ll write something that sounds more official than that with proper dates and stuff when the supply list goes up, but that’s the general plan.)

I might possibly have a couple of extra stars tucked away to add in as an extra treat, depending on how the month goes. But my spouse, several other family members, cat, dishwasher, and car have all had to head off to the appropriate versions of urgent care over the last few days, so right at this exact moment, the month seems to be going straight to hell. But I hold out hope that maybe we’re just getting all the bullshit out of the way early and the rest of the month will be chill. That’s how it works right? Please tell me that’s how it works…

In the meantime, I’ll be spending next week figuring out how to take pictures of these that do not involve holding them in a sunbeam between my fingertips and cooing over how glowy they are. But for now? For now you get the glowy fingertip versions, because they’re too pretty not to share!

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