A Brief Return
Published On: November 22, 2022

I’ll keep this short & sweet (you know, by my standards, I do get wordy):⁠

    • Discontinued patterns are back — They’re on ravelry and payhip. There are a few that aren’t back (if you don’t see a way to buy something, it’s not a mistake, it’s just one of the ones that didn’t come back for this), but most are!⁠
    • They’re only here for a few days — Officially, from Wednesday November 23 through Friday November 25, but really from right now until I sit down at my desk Saturday morning and take them down (on the theory that no one will be mad if they have a few extra hours and no one will mind if have some down time over the holiday weekend).⁠
    • They’re on sale — Individual patterns are $7 (instead of $10), books are $17 (instead of $19.95-21.95). You don’t need a code, the prices are already adjusted on the pattern listings.⁠
    • Patrons get an extra discount — If you’re one of my patrons, check your inbox, I sent you a code for an additional 20% off (if you’re not a patron yet but you want to be, you’ll have access to the code after you join, it’s in Tuesday’s patreon post).⁠

⁠Also, I’m mostly offline until Monday! ⁠

I’ll be around to keep an eye on things this afternoon and for a bit tomorrow morning, but I’m mostly going to be off the computer and away from email starting tomorrow afternoon and running through Monday morning. So if you have a problem, totally contact me and I’ll get you sorted out when I’m back! But I’m going to be absolutely scandalous and just…not touch keyboards or screens much over the holiday weekend.

Thank you for making me feel comfortable enough to do that! It can be kind of intense to try and run an online business as just one person. The internet is seriously 24/7/365, and trying to keep up with everything all the time gets overwhelming really fast. It’s lovely to know you folks aren’t going to be mad at me if I’m not answering email in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend!

I hope everyone who celebrates has an absolutely lovely holiday with lots of whatever makes this time of year feel special to you (and none of the parts that can be a bit tough), and that everyone who doesn’t do this particular holiday has a generally delightful week!

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