Published On: November 23, 2022

Wanna see how these go together? There’s a neat little trick to it…

If I were cooler, I’d figure out how to get a video out of instagram and up over here, but we all know I am not that cool. So instead I will have to just sort of point you at it and gesture broadly and say ‘it’s over there, help yourself.’

This is one of the extra fancy stars that I’ll be adding to the star book because we hit our  patreon goal! The star book will be out November 30, and anyone on the Utter, Rampant, or Complete Nonsense tiers at some point between November 30-January 31 2023 will be able to download it (it may be for sale after that, but it will be exclusive to patrons until at least then).  There’s a (public) post up over here with links to the paper and other supplies I use for mine if you want to have everything on hand when it comes out!


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