More Encouragement
Published On: December 3, 2022

Blocking encouragement, round two! Once again, I know I can’t make you block, but I can totally show you before and after pictures of my own stuff and sort of hope you decide it’s worth it!

Just like last time, I tossed this in the sink, let it get absolutely soaked (either leave it a long time or squeeze it underwater a few times to help the water get all the way to the middle of the yarn), rolled it up in a towel to get the extra water out, and let it dry. But this time, instead of letting it dry just laying on the counter, I threw it over a small mixing bowl (it’s a baby hat, so my usual head form was too big).

It would have been fine to just smooth it out on the counter too, I mostly just wanted it to dry faster, and stuff dries a bit faster if you can get air on all sides of it (rather than having half of it up against the counter where it’ll stay damp for longer).

Just like last time, it took about five minutes of active time, and I think it was totally makes a difference!

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