Variations on a theme, take 1
Published On: December 13, 2022

Ok so check this out, these are the same star. No really, I followed the same folding instructions to make both of them, just with a few tweaks on the blue one!

This is seriously one of my favorite things about the stars, teeny tiny little changes sort of propagate out to give you totally different looks. I talk a bit about some things you can experiment with in the book but I wanted to show you some examples too, mostly just because they’re pretty and I kind of want to show them off.

So the white one is star C in the book. The blue one is star C with three very tiny changes.

First, I used slightly wider paper on the blue star (on the white star, each piece of paper is about half as wide as it is tall, on the blue star, each piece of paper is a little more than half as wide as it is tall).

Second, I changed where I fold the bottom point up (step 7 if you’re following along with the instructions, I just nudged the bottom point up about a quarter inch more than on the white one).

Third, I followed the wide lines on the assembly guide instead of the narrow ones.

Those three changes together totally change the way the finished star looks. You can absolutely experiment with changes like this on any of the stars in the book and get similarly dramatic results!

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