Published On: January 1, 2023

Remember how I said I was excited to have found the spiffy paper you need for these in some more delicate colors? Yeeeeeeeah, well the natural thing to do after finding that was to go ahead and fold through the whole star book (with some variations because we all know I’m not naturally inclined to make the same thing over and over again when the opportunity to experiment presents itself).⁠

I’ll go through the variations on posts over the next few days in case you really really really want to know (I sort of suspect you don’t, that would be some highly niche content). And I’ll also mention that the book is only up through the end of January, so if you find yourself suddenly needing to bring order and light to a dark and chaotic world through pretty paper and tidy folds, you should go grab it now.

I don’t have a generally available source for the new paper just yet (I found it on ebay), but if I find one, I’ll let you know. Info about the paper I used for the ones in the book is at the aforementioned link. I’m back to hibernating for a bit (yes yes, I’m very bad at actually staying off the computer, what I can I say, I like what I do and sometimes it’s hard to get away), but I’ll see you later in the new year!

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