Variations 1
Published On: January 2, 2023

Remember how I said I found paper in other colors? And how I said one of my favorite things about the stars is how much they change if you make even the tiniest little changes to how you fold the pieces and put them together? And how I said folding these is one of the most soothing things my brain knows how to do?⁠

Yeah. Well, so the natural consequence of that is me deciding to fold all the stars from the book in the new paper over the course of the day, each with some sort of tiny variation, then blatantly show them off for the next several days.⁠

This (colorful picture) is star A from the book made with slightly wider paper, the bottom folded up at a slightly different spot, and assembled following the wide lines on the assembly template. The white picture shows the original from the book. ⁠

I remain imaginary (I’m mostly offline until January 9), but there’s info about the book here.

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