Holey, part 3
Published On: January 8, 2023

Ok real talk, It Always Looks Kinda Underwhelming At The Beginning. No really, I finally figured this out. EVERY time I go to stitch on a hole, I spend the first half hour I’m stitching thinking ew, this is not good, why am I so bad at this, I suck, what will everyone think, I should just throw this away.

Like to the point where I actually have a hard time showing you this because it’s dreadfully unassuming at this stage. But mending, at least my mending, always looks like that right about now, so I wanted to show you and just explicitly tell you it’s normal for it to seem a bit crap at first. Because I figure if I spend this whole part quietly freaking out that I’ve made a terrible mistake, probably some of you might too. And maybe if you saw that mine looks the same way at first, maybe you’d push through to the good part.

Because the trick is to keep going. It will be much better here in a second. I promise…

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