Variations 7
Published On: January 8, 2023

Ok, so this one in particular makes me really really want to do a whole set of these where they’ve got six points like a snowflake. I’m blaming the lovely soft blue. It’s totally doable, you just have to resign yourself to sliiiiiiightly fiddlier folds at the start. But really, I suspect the jack frost vibe would be worth it!⁠

This (colorful picture) is star C from the book with the fold in step 5 nudged out a bit so it doesn’t quite meet the center, the fold where the bottom point comes up to the top moved around a bit, the pieces flipped around (so the part that is normally near the center of the star is instead towards the outside) and put assembled following the widest lines on the assembly guide. The white picture shows the original from the book, and wow does it look like a totally different creature.⁠

I remain imaginary (I’m mostly offline until January 9), but there’s info about the book here.

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