Just about done
Published On: January 25, 2023

Do I feel slightly bad saying this over and over again? I mean yes, but let’s be real, I’m capable of feeling slightly bad about more or less anything. Because there’s nothing like the internet to expose you to a wide enough swath of people that someone will be mad at you for literally anything you do or do not do. But I’d rather feel slightly bad about mentioning something than feel slightly bad when someone comes along and says they missed it. ⁠

So, for what will be the penultimate time (because yup, yup I am going to do it one more time after this, but then we’re done till the fall), the star book goes away February 1!⁠

Patreon folks at the Utter Nonsense or Rampant Nonsense can download it as part of their membership (pretty pretty please be sure you’ve downloaded it if you’re on there, I don’t want you to miss it!). ⁠

I may possibly put it up for sale somewhere else in the fall (maybe, if I think of it…and feel like it…and if something else shiny hasn’t caught my eye by then), but even if I do manage to summon the executive function to pull that off, it’ll be listed for substantially more than what joining the patreon for a month costs (you can get the book at the six or twelve dollar levels, and I’ll probably list the book for more like twenty).⁠

Details of the book are here, should you be so inclined (you’ll find info there about the paper I use as well)!⁠

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