A Tiny Bonus
Published On: February 28, 2023

Remember how I said there was enough going on with this hat to have a little something to share with everyone? Yeah, I totally meant it!⁠

One of my favorite bits about the hat turned out to be that adorable little braid at the top. I mostly love it because it’s so darn cute. But I’ve managed to convince myself it’s practical too. Because really, you don’t want to weave in all those ends. It’s much more fun to make a little braid. Plus braids are much less wobbly to have on your head than a pompom would be. I’m pretty sure you can get away with a braid, even if you’re the sort of staid, somber adult who would not be caught dead in a pompom.⁠

The braid instructions were included in the Explicate hat pattern (meaning if you already have the hat pattern, you already have them). But they seemed like the perfect thing to share with everyone, so I’ve excerpted them and shared them over on patreon. They’re free and on a public post, so everyone can see and download them. You don’t have be subscribed.⁠

Couple of admin reminders, just for the avoidance of confusion:

  • The free download covers the braid, not the hat or the ebook of variations on the stitch used in the hat. (I mention this explicitly because otherwise someone will for sure send me an angry message saying either that I ‘forgot’ to include the rest or that I’ve cheated them, and that would be tiresome.⁠⁠)
  • If you want the hat pattern, Rampant Nonsense folks get it as part of their membership, or you can find it on ravelry or payhip.⁠
  • If you want the ebook of variations, both Rampant Nonsense folks and Utter Nonsense folks get that as part of their membership (it’s not currently available anywhere else).⁠
  • All three things (the hat, the variations, and the braid) will only be available on patreon through April 30, 2023, so please be sure to download them and store them on your computer before then.

Now…go forth and conquer your ends. You know you want to!

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