Published On: March 1, 2023

Yeah, no, I meant it about that sort of greeny/gold mystery color that I can never truly name but that sings to me just the same. Especially when it absolutely glows like this. I mean how can you not love that.

That’s Little Skein Anne’s yarn in the knitting, and her silk embroidery floss (three words that warm my cold, dead heart) too, plus some random fuzzy bits I just sort of happened to have on the top of the scraps bin that was too perfect to pass up.

Oh…oh this is coming together nicely!

The plan for these is starting to shape up, but I need to get things a little more finished before I officially explain it (because I hate explaining stuff until it’s final, and I don’t trust the world not to go kinda fucky at the last minute these days). But the general plan is that mailing list folks and folks on the patreon will be seeing more of this shortly!

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