Snow Day Sale
Published On: March 4, 2023

So we’re having the first (and very possibly only) big snow storm of the winter. So I took a few of my favorite little friends out for a snow day and we’re having a sale!

The following patterns are 50% off from now until when I decide the snow day is over (which is probably some time Monday evening or Tuesday morning, depends on how long this takes to clear up).

Use the code BRISK on either payhip or ravelry for 50% off the following patterns:

  • Four of these patterns (Needled, Foxed, Foghorn, and Belfry) are not usually available. That means there will be words on the pattern pages about how they’re not currently available! You can still buy them, just for this weekend, despite those words (changing all the formatting on a bunch of patterns in two places is way more than I want to do for a quick weekend snow day sale). Those four patterns are also in my previous pattern format! Again, because changing all that is several days of work per pattern and I’m not doing that for a quick weekend snow day sale). Just full disclosure so no one is upset.
  • Please read the individual pattern descriptions carefully so you know what’s in each pattern. There’s been some swapping about of pattern pieces in the snowy pictures (and each picture shows pieces from several patterns), so it’s the pattern descriptions (not these pictures) that are the final word on what stuff is in which patterns).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I need some hot chocolate.




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