Published On: March 6, 2023

Wanna see what inspired the weekend’s festivities? When I walked into my office Saturday morning, in the middle of a snowstorm, my photo rock looked like this. That’s our friends the owl, snowmen, & fox hanging out there with their new buddy the penguin, all hanging out in a pile.

And the reason the photo rock looked like that is because I was working on some teeny tiny mittens last week, and I had the fellows out to make sure they were the right scale.

So when I walked in and saw that, then saw the snow outside, my first thought was that I *clearly* needed to get everyone dressed up and send them outside to play in the snow. Now that was a bit ridiculous, but I decided if I turned it into a work thing, then it was much more reasonable.

I decided to let it run one more day (through Monday, meaning I’ll shut it down when I sit down to work Tuesday morning), just in case anyone was off the computer over the weekend and wants any new friends. See the previous post for more details, should you be so inclined!

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