Published On: March 6, 2023

Gentle reminder, this is going out tomorrow morning (that will be the morning of Tuesday March 7, 2023, and I’m in eastern time). If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll get it then!⁠

Couple of ground rules/common questions ahead of time, just because every time I do something like this I get questions, and it’s easier to do them all at once:⁠

  • If you want to sign up for the mailing list, you can do that here.⁠
  • If you’re not on the mailing list when I send the message, you won’t get the email with the hat (and I can’t send it to you after the fact). I know, it’s mean. But there’s a limit to just how much admin work I can reasonably do to give away a pattern. Sending it to folks individually after the fact is over that limit, so I shall be Quite Firm about this. (The pattern will be available to everyone on patreon for a bit after the release. So if you miss the free version, there’s still a way to get it at a heck of a discount.)⁠
  • I can’t sign up to the mailing list for you. There are lots of laws and rules about mailing lists. The only way I can stay on the right side of them all is if you use the procedure the mailing list software provides. This is also one I have to be firm about (so please don’t send messages asking me to sign up for you, the answer will always be ‘you have to do it yourself at the link‘).⁠

I know that all sounds super mean!⁠

But here’s the thing. Every time I do something like this, the vast, vast majority of folks are delightful. Like seriously awesome. I get some new folks knowing about my work, you get a cute pattern, everyone has nice feelings, we all win.⁠ And like six people are absolute chowderheads (get me alone some time, I’ll tell you stories). And those chowderheads make me want to never ever ever do anything like this ever again. That’s the opposite of we all win. That sucks.⁠

And I’ve found the best way to prevent that is to be clear about some boundaries up front. So I have to be just a liiittle bit mean now, as a chowderhead prevention strategy. But the end result works out better for everyone!

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