Tiny Changes, Big Result
Published On: March 8, 2023

This is a perfect demonstration of how different knitting looks when you make just the tiniest imaginable change. ⁠

These two hats start out exactly the same at the brim. Then, when you work the body, you introduce some increases and decreases. The increases are in the same place on both, but not the decreases.

⁠On one (the green one), the decreases are all stacked up, one on top of the other, all in the same column of the chart, and always the same distance from the increases. On the other (the white one), they they meander across the chart in a diagonal line and get farther from the increases over time. And that teeny tiny change makes a surprisingly big difference!⁠

Do you have a favorite? I’m useless, I love them both, but maybe there will be a consensus if we ask enough folks!⁠ The pattern is Penchant, and it’s in all the usual places.

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