Yarn ramen
Published On: June 8, 2023

As promised, yarn ramen! So, let’s talk about that.

This yarn was fairly loosely knit, never blocked, and only sat in the fabric for a few days before I decided to go ahead and rip. That means it’s only lightly crimped/wavy.

Had it been more tightly knit, or if it had gotten wet and then dried while it was knit (like if I’d blocked it), or if it had sat knitted up for weeks or months before I ripped (look, these things happen, no judgement here), the crimps would have much more pronounced.

Because it’s just a little wibbly, I’m ok reusing it without wetting/straightening/drying it. All I did was separate the mohair and base yarn, and wrap them back up around their respective balls of yarn. The floof went back in the stash, the base yarn sat wrapped up like that overnight and by morning all the crimps had relaxed out of it.

I always recommend against knitting with kinked up yarn, because it will change your gauge. That’s especially bad in a situation like this where the first inch or two of fabric would be in the curly yarn and the rest in uncurled yarn, so you might actually see the gauge change a few inches into the hat. I’ve talked about what to do to get kinks out of yarn before (mostly wet it, let it dry), so I won’t go into the details here, but I you can wander back to those posts if you want.

Now I’m going to go do a light stash dive and find some darker floof. Because oh, oh I know what this wants to be now. And it’s gonna be awesome!

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