Published On: November 14, 2023

Toasted is out, and is quite possibly the most absurd thing I have ever spent my time knitting (which, given my track record on these things, is saying something).

This one isn’t for sale. Instead, it’s a little present for anyone on the patreon or mailing list to say thank you for making this absurd year a bit more manageable.

Now, no matter how many times I say ‘hey, I’m sending this to mailing list folks soon,’ there’s always someone who misses the announcement. So, if you weren’t on the mailing list this morning when the pattern went out, you can sign up now, and I’ll send the pattern out at least once more before the end of the year. And it will stay up on patreon for the foreseeable future (you know, as long as I’m doing patreon/selling knitting patterns…this is the internet and I am mortal, so nothing is forever, but the plan is to leave it up there for patrons).

Thanks again to everyone who makes it possible for me to do this funny little thing I love so much.  I hope these bits of tiny nonsense bring you as much joy as they bring me!

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