Published On: January 5, 2024

So you know how I’m a bossy know-it-all with delusions of grandeur (at least according to the very best rude comment I ever got, I swear there should be t shirts)? Yeah, well, I think I’m going to lean into that and see about doing a monthly advice column.

Part of me feels like this is scandalously presumptuous (who am I to give anyone advice). Part of me feels like I’m actually pretty damn good at this knitting thing. I’ve been making a job of it for nigh on fifteen years now. And I actually do have good answers to a whole lot of the things people have questions about.

I’ve decided to listen to that second part. And that means I need questions!

The plan is to do one post a month where I answer two or three questions. In the future, I may solicit questions on specific topics. But to start, I just want to leave it open ended and see what sort of things folks are wondering about.

So if you’ve got knitting/yarn/design questions, go here and fill out the form.

I can’t promise I’ll answer them all, but you folks are a delightfully clever bunch, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re curious about!

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