Published On: April 23, 2024

Delineated is here, and you can find it on both ravelry and payhip. Use the code WAVY for a little something off for the first few days it’s out (as always, if you get email from me, do check your inbox first, you’ve got a different code waiting for you there).

This all started because I wanted to see if I could draw lines on my knitting. The answer was a resounding yes, yes I can absolutely draw lines on my knitting. And so can you!

And I knew the lines were gonna be cute, but I didn’t expect that the top of this hat would be so unspeakably nifty.  I mean really, have you ever seen anything quite like that? It makes me think of flower petals and absolutely mashes that ‘Make It Both Tidy & Pretty’ button buried deep in my brain.

Plus the wibbly lines make the fabric just a tiny bit wavy, which makes for a tremendously warm hat that never ever squishes your hair, and these are two of the things I always want most from a hat. This one will be getting a lot of wear…just maybe not till the fall. Because I would not mind at all if we were past this winter’s ‘warm woolly hat season’ thank you very much!

Once again, Delineated is out now on both ravelry and payhip, and you can use the code WAVY in either place through the end of the day Friday. Or, as always, Rampant Nonsense folks on patreon get the pattern (and a bunch of others) for free as part of their membership.

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