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Miss Fizzy would like you to know that she has been testing out the sampler piece I made to show off the variations of the stitch on tomorrow's hat, and she finds it perfectly suitable for light napping. Though to be fair, she is quite capable of napping the most astonishing places (such as on the still wet shower seat or on the precariously narrow top edge of the back of an arm chair or on the dark basement stairs), so she's not a particularly trustworthy source on these matters. Adorable. But not trustworthy. There's still time to donate to [...]

January 30, 2023|

Quite Enough Already

Should we add this in to the embroidery project? I can't quite decide, so you folks get to make up my mind for me... I thought I was done playing with variations of the lovely stitch. I really did. But then I found One More Thing to play with. Because that's what happens to my brain when it's left unsupervised.⁠ ⁠ Now, full disclosure, I really should just stop. The spiffy little thing I've put together to explore this stitch already has versions for two, four, and six colors, each in two different spacings, plus an offset version of each. [...]

January 29, 2023|

Last call!

On Tuesday, February 1, I'm going to get up, have a cup of tea, sit down at my computer, and take the star book down. Patrons at the Utter Nonsense and Rampant Nonsense levels have until then to download it for free as part of their membership. ⁠ I may bring it back and put it up for sale somewhere when the days start getting short again in the fall. But the days are finally starting to feel longer and the sun is starting to feel brighter, and that makes me feel like it's time to put them away for [...]

January 28, 2023|

I love it when a plan comes together

So, when I said my brain likes exploring variations on a theme, I really did mean it.⁠ Remember I showed you the hat? And then I mentioned I'd been working on a little sampler with variations of the stitch I used on the hat? Yeah, that's the first picture.⁠ Because you know, at least mildly photogenic.⁠ But the great whacking pile of stuff in the second picture? That's the current state of the thing I'm putting together to explain the variations shown in the sampler. Less photogenic, but wow is it rather nifty.⁠ Never let it be said I'm not [...]

January 27, 2023|

Monthly reminder

There are abortion pills in my medicine cabinet right now. Because if I get pregnant, I want an abortion. And I live in America, so I can't be confident I'll be able to go to a doctor and get one. If you or someone in your household can get pregnant, I think you should probably have abortion pills in your medicine cabinet, too. Medical abortion is safe and effective. You can order abortion pills online from Aid Access right now, even if you're not pregnant, even if you live in a state with abortion restrictions. If cost is an issue, [...]

January 26, 2023|

Just about done

Do I feel slightly bad saying this over and over again? I mean yes, but let's be real, I'm capable of feeling slightly bad about more or less anything. Because there's nothing like the internet to expose you to a wide enough swath of people that someone will be mad at you for literally anything you do or do not do. But I'd rather feel slightly bad about mentioning something than feel slightly bad when someone comes along and says they missed it. ⁠ So, for what will be the penultimate time (because yup, yup I am going to do [...]

January 25, 2023|

Next up!

This is all set to come out next week, and I want to talk through it a bit in case you want to have your yarn ready and waiting!⁠ All the drama in this hat comes from the embroidery, the hat itself is very mellow.⁠ When you’re embroidering on your knits, you want a smooth fabric that lets you easily see your stitches. I find that blown yarns (mesh tubes with bits of fluff blown into it) give a smooth, even fabric with great stitch definition, as do many single-ply yarns. Don't fret, you can absolutely use plied yarns if [...]

January 24, 2023|


See those diagonal lines there? Yeah, they're made by slipping a stitch on one row, then working that stitch through the back loop on the next row. Which gives you a column of twisted and elongated stitches which are rather fetching (plus, you know, doing some stuff to make them go meandering off to the side). They're also where I'm going to embroider on this. The plan is to use that lovely blue at the bottom there to duplicate stitch over them. Should be rather fetching if it comes out how I expect! ⁠ But first, alas, I have to [...]

January 23, 2023|


Psssst, this is your occasional reminder that the star book is coming down at the end of the month!⁠ Right now, anyone in the Utter Nonsense or Rampant Nonsense tiers on patreon can download the book. On February 1, it comes down and there won't be anywhere to get it for the foreseeable future.⁠ I may eventually put it up for sale somewhere else, but my best guess is that won't be until September (because that's when the days start getting shorter here and I have to make the most of whatever light I can get). And if I do [...]

January 22, 2023|
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