I have undoubtedly done this wrong. I do not care that I have done it wrong. Please do not tell me the ways in which I have done it wrong. The company that makes the dye has provided instructions over here. If you undertake a similar process, you should follow them. I for sure did...some of what they said. The hat is for sure...not the same color it was when I started. Wanna see...

April 12, 2024|

Not a teabag

This...this is not a teabag. It was going to be! But there has been a change of plans.⁠ So the hat, even after blocking, even after staring at it from a distance while squinting, even after speaking to it as persuasively as possible, continued to be...not the best match of stitch pattern and yarn color.⁠ And I, even after many years of experience that should have taught me better, continue to be both alarmingly stubborn and highly susceptible to the sunk cost fallacy.⁠ So I figured I'd brew up a mouth-puckeringly strong pot of tea and chuck the hat in [...]

April 11, 2024|

Popped Expansion Pack

So, this is a little different than my usual patterns. Instead of being instructions to make a specific thing, it's more like a bag of blocks! You've got a whole bunch of pieces (more than 70 different charts), all based around the same lovely stitch pattern, that you can stack up to make all sorts of things. ⁠ Now don’t worry, I do tell you exactly how to make both of the hats you see in the picture! But I do that as a starting point, as an example of how you might put the pieces together. My real intent [...]

April 9, 2024|


I...I am usually not fond of stockinette. It makes my brain too sleepy. However I have made an exception for this, both because the yarn is so damn yummy (Seven Sisters Arts will do that) and because the (rather sedate) giant pile of stockinette will turn into the closest thing I have ever seen to a knitting magic trick here in just a moment. I just have to figure out the best way to show you. Not exactly sure how I'm going to do that. But I'll figure it out. In the meantime, I just need a couple more rows...

April 8, 2024|

I have a bad idea

It's done, I still don't like it, but I do have a bad idea you should talk me out of...or into! But first, please note, I have no complaint with the yarn. The yarn is lovely, it's one of my very favorite bases, and I have a whole bucket of it. But the color just does not want to play nicely with this stitch. And again, please note, this is an entirely subjective judgement. I can tell from the comments yesterday that many of you are smitten with it, and that is absolutely fine! It's just not currently calling my [...]

April 5, 2024|

Fit of pique

Despite several hours of trying to create more fabric through just the power of my brain, more fabric failed to materialize. So I switched to creating more fabric with my hands. Which worked better. I remain, however, completely unsure as to whether the yarn is too busy for this pattern. It got better as I went along (and the back side is all stockinette, which calms things down a bit more), but it's still a liiiiiiittle too...something. But I'm more than half way through (it's a hat, it's not a big project), and if I knit any more fabric to [...]

April 4, 2024|

Questionable Nonsense

I do a bit of housekeeping every month (to remind folks what’s about to rotate off patreon and to show off what’s coming next), and to keep those posts from being dreadfully boring, I’m combining them with a monthly advice column/Q&A session (aka an excuse to ask what folks are wondering about and then info dump on some of my favorite topics). I asked for your sock questions and wow do y'all have a lot of feelings about sock heels. So this time I'm talking about why not-so-secretly feel like top down socks with a heel flap are the very [...]

April 3, 2024|

Either Or

I am...unsure of this. Either it will be lovely once I get a little further along (this is the most likely outcome, and I shall keep telling myself this, quite firmly, as often as needed). Or the yarn is just a hair too busy for the pattern (I always always always think this at this stage, it is rarely true). And the only way to know is, alas, to keep knitting. Please reassure me, either with tales of busy yarns that calmed down when you got a bit more knitting done, or with tales of projects that were much better [...]

April 2, 2024|

No Fooling

Though largely immune to the charms of April Fools' Day, I do make one exception. The tinier bits of nonsense are half off, but just for today (oh and a couple of my favorite retired tiny bits miiiiiight also have come back for the occasion, also just for today). There is, alas, not a super great way to link you to all of them in one place.* But if you wander over to ravelry or payhip, I suspect you'll be able to figure it out! Use NO FOOLING in either place. It'll work through the end of the day (today, [...]

April 1, 2024|
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