Not the Big News

Yeah yeah.  Accuse me of toying with you.  This is not the big news.  We'll call it building suspense.  It's actually me needing a few more days to get all of my ducks in a row.  Let's pretend it's an intentional and ingenious plan to string you along instead.  It makes me sound much cooler and more diabolical. There is, however, other nifty news to be announced.  I bit the bullet and signed up for a design retreat in Chicago this Summer.  It focuses on the "business and creativity of design," and features instruction by Shannon Okey, Arabella Proffer, and [...]

March 17, 2010|


It's been an interesting few days at Chez Violence. Not the bad sort of interesting. Not even the 'I'm saying interesting because I can't think of a single other civil thing to say' sort of interesting.  Nope, this is actually the exciting and potential-filled sort of interesting. The weekend was full of research and planning (and knitting).  Much of the research and planning was actually focused on knitting and other fiber-y goodness.  Alas, the details must all remain very hush hush for the time being.  If all works out as hoped, I'll come back in a little while with some [...]

March 15, 2010|

The People Have Spoken!

You want Graupel, Graupel you shall have.  I will release it later this month and then release Caprice in March.  A few people have mentioned that they'd like to have the pattern for some of the various Olympic themed knitting events they're participating in.  The pattern is done, so I can totally do that.  I'll plan to put it up Thursday the eleventh.  Of course this does mean I absolutely positively must get pictures taken this weekend.  If you see the sun, send it this way. For any of you dedicated athletes out there who want to start training (ie [...]

February 4, 2010|

They Come in Threes…

Over the past week or so I have had three, yes three pairs of socks wear out at the heels.  One of them is an early pair of The Boy's (made during that period of deeply unsuitable yarns I mentioned earlier).  The other two are mine and were made a bit later and with more suitable yarns.  Alas, even with appropriate yarn, socks are not everlasting.  In all three cases I caught the damage when it was just a thin spot and not a full-fledged blow out.  This means darning them isn't actually all that hard, and I have very [...]

January 11, 2010|

Not Empty

Now for some actual knitting.  That empty box over there, the one under "On the Needles?"  It's a lie.  The needles are not empty.  They are, in fact, quite full.  Alas, almost all the current knitting is secret, so I can't show you pictures.  I'm realizing now that this was poor planning.  I can't show you pretty pictures, but I can let you know a bit about the schedule and what you can expect to see over the next little while. The next pattern you will see is part of Penny Rose's Wicked Women yarn club.  While only club members [...]

December 7, 2009|

Better Late than Never

I've been dreadfully delinquent and shamefully slow in posting the winner of the truly scrumptious Liberty's Yarn.  It's all my fault, and I don't have particularly good excuses.  I'll go pick knots out of laceweight for penance.  Without further delay, the lucky winner is Tamara.  I'll be in touch to arrange delivery. Thanks to everyone who said nice things about Sybaritic, I'm thrilled you guys like this one! All the sock patterns are still on sale through Monday night, so if there's something you've been considering, this is the time.

November 28, 2009|

Sale fled the country in search of the Traditional Thanksgiving Pizza.  I'll be back home later this evening and will explain all that, but in the meantime, I'm having a sale. All sock patterns are $4.00 from now until Monday evening. Avoid the lines and the infuriating Christmas music, stay home and knit in your pajamas instead.  It's better for your sanity and your feet.

November 27, 2009|

Shameless Solicitation

...the kind with yarn though, not the kind with criminal charges and embarrassing social diseases. So, I'm planning out my knitting for the upcoming year.  Yes I realize there's a bit of a disconnect here.  Half a year ago I was agonizing over whether it was ok to charge for patterns.  Now I'm making a knitting schedule.  It feels rather odd, but odd in a fundamentally awesome way, so I'm sticking with it.  I've got lots of exciting collaborative projects coming up in the next year, but it looks like I still have a few spots left.  So this is [...]

November 5, 2009|


And the winner is...Steph, with comment 52!  I'll be emailing you later today to arrange to send you your goodies.  Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks for all the nice comments about the socks.  I'll be placing an order for more of the Three Irish Girls yarn some time next week, and it's great to know what colors you all prefer. The socks with Dicentra's yarn are making their way through the testing process and should be out in early November.  I've got another pair written up and about to go out for testing, and a third pair on [...]

October 24, 2009|
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