Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Ready for the most boring post ever?  I warn you, there's nothing interesting here at all.  If you want to be totally sure that your book arrives (at a U.S. address) before Christmas, you need to order it on or before December 10.  I know.  It stinks.  If it's after that and you're desperate, get in touch with me and we can likely work something out.  But if you're going for your standard no-stress, no-drama shipping, that's the deadline. International folks, I can't promise anything.  The post office says it can take up to four weeks.  But, the reports I've [...]

November 30, 2012|

Shiny and New

The Boy, in support of my quest for world domination through wool, graciously spent much of his Thanksgiving day diligently updating the website. I helped (mostly by saying 'that thing, make it line up with that other thing, no the one over there. Now make it the color of that other thing over on that side. Hmm, maybe not, let me see it the original way again?) and played with felt. He was most gracious. I was doubtless irritating. I think everything should be pretty self explanatory. Most things are more or less where they were before the shuffle (I'm [...]

November 23, 2012|

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you're all having a lovely day. Our plans include procuring the traditional Thanksgiving pizza, playing lots of board games, petting kittens, and generally just chilling. Sometime over the weekend, The Boy will be doing some funky footwork to spiff up the blog (what, you say you're supposed to update this stuff more than once every three years, oops).  I will be playing with this lovely wool felt I picked up and concocting some sort of festive holiday decoration (an odd urge, since we don't actually decorate for the holidays, but one I'm giving in to anyways).  I'll report [...]

November 22, 2012|

Combo Pack

I've had some requests from people who want to be able to buy both physical books without having to checkout twice (or pay shipping twice!).  After a bit of diligent typing and swearing, and some noble assistance from The Boy, now you can! On the pages for both Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet and Rabble Rousers, you'll notice a shiny new button down at the bottom.  It will let you buy both books together. This saves everybody money on shipping (especially international folks) and saves me a bit of time packing and shipping things (which you don't likely care about, but makes [...]

November 19, 2012|

Rabble Rousers Update

I debated whether I should write this post.  It feels just the tiniest bit shady.  My natural inclination is to post mostly shiny new yarn finds, pretty knitting projects, accounts of various misguided adventures, and the odd kitten exploit here or there.  Anything that veers even slightly into marketing sort of makes me feel fluttery in the tummy.  But the truth is, there is a business aspect to this place, and every now and then, business-y stuff comes up.  This is one of those times, and I have something some of you may want to know. I'm starting to run [...]

November 2, 2012|

Mailing List

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks around here.  The gray socks are coming out very shortly (next week if I have my way about it).  Even more exciting, the website for Book the Second should be up the week after that.  Somewhere along the way there may be a little post-Thanksgiving sale too. Every now and then, someone asks me how best to keep up with what's going on around here.  My suggestion is to sign up for the mailing list.  There's a sign up box over there on the right (just below the pictures of the [...]

November 17, 2011|

Getting Organized

Some time this weekend (when depends entirely on when I wake up), I'm going to go through and change the prices on some of my patterns.  The goal here is to make the prices consistent across types of patterns.  When I'm done, all sock patterns will be the same price, and all the other sorts of patterns and pattern sets will be more consistently priced.  It means the prices of some patterns will be going up (not a lot...most of the changes will be less than a dollar).  But I wanted to give everyone a heads up so no one [...]

November 3, 2011|

Administrative Drivel

There is absolutely no knitting to be seen.  None at all.  There will be some day, but not today.  Instead, I come to you with two shamelessly commercial administrative announcements (which always make me feel ever so slightly sullied, so please do pardon the business side of things). First, folks have been asking for me to make the patterns from Silk Road Socks available as individual downloads.  I've gotten the necessary files from the publisher to do so, and you should be able to get any of them as single patterns now. Second, we're just about out of print copies [...]

October 27, 2011|

Still not the Big News

So this is still not it.  There's a good chance the 'it' will be discussed tomorrow or Monday. Instead, I bring you some other news, this time accompanied by a photo.  It's been an unreasonably long time since there has been a photo of a new sock.  So, with no further ado, a picture.  This is a sock with a bit of back story.  The story is rather rambly.  The short version is 'new pattern later this month.'  If you don't want the long version, feel free to wander off now.  I'll never know. Ok, now for the long version.  [...]

March 18, 2010|
Mailing List

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