I really don't know how this happened.  Whatever it was, something has to be done.  This needs to stop.  I somehow accidentally tripped and fell and obtained a set of 5 matching hat forms.  This is actually handy, as Alphonse and Esmeralda are sized for my/The Boy's head (more or less), but most human heads are rather smaller than mine.  This gives me access to a wider range of sizes, which is good because most of the book hats and most of the hats I make for other people are intended for more standard-sized heads. Now of course this does [...]

May 18, 2012|

Deceptively Adorable

The hat is done...washed, blocked, and otherwise prepped.  It is totally and completely adorable.  That is, it is totally and completely adorable when I have it on my head.  It looks rather goofy and lumpy when on Alphonse the handy hat form.  For you see, Alphonse is about the size of a normal person's head.  My giant dome is a good 2 and a half inches bigger (blame the hair...or maybe I drank too much milk as a kid).  All of which means that a hat that fits me doesn't quite fit Alphonse. Some time I'll try and get a [...]

April 2, 2012|

Cast of Characters

The Chez Violence Home for Wayward Knitting Props has a new resident. It started with Alphonse.  Then he was joined by Percival. These two hard working gentlemen have now been joined by Millicent. I think I've mentioned (and I'm sure you've seen in the odd picture here and there) that I have giant man hands.  I just do.  And I don't really mind (which is good because there's not much I can do about it). For most things, Percival works great.  But he is actually a bit bigger than my hand, so if I'm doing something fairly close fitting (or [...]

September 13, 2011|

Not Quite According to Plan

You'll recall my friend Alphonse.  He's been a perfect house guest for the the last several weeks.  Doesn't make a mess, doesn't eat all the chocolate, doesn't hog the washing machine.  Totally charming fellow.  It's time I put him to work. Yesterday, I cast on for my entry in the ongoing 'fluffiest hat in the history of the world' contest. Now because I am a reasonable and responsible knitter, and because this was a new yarn, and because I wanted the end result to fit my head, I had dutifully done a swatch before I cast on.  Admittedly it was [...]

March 29, 2011|
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