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And now, the result of yesterday's little adventure (that is, the pretty pictures that will likely show up in some format in the pattern, as opposed to the one that shows off the moment of 'look, train!' that yesterday's post featured). And just so you know, these socks will be part of another mini book (something on the scale of Rabble Rousers).  It should be out this fall in both paper and electronic versions, and will have 6-7 patterns (some socks, some accessories).  These socks are going to be called Scoundrel, and they will be on the cover (it's about [...]

May 9, 2013|

Stitch Definition

The holiday weekend was productive. The Boy's socks are finished and blocked.  I'm unreasonably pleased with how they came out. He's quite ready to start wearing them, but alas we must wait until the snow melts and we can get in a quick photoshoot.  For you see, I have a plan.  Those of you who have been reading here for some time will know I usually have a plan.  Actually I usually have four of five of the things kicking around in my head.  This one is a doozy though and will require a brief field trip and a little [...]

January 1, 2013|


What was that? Something about having promised you socks? Yes, yes I do recall something like that. Alas, our weekend didn't quite allow for daylight sock photography.  We had an epic, two-day game of Carcassonne instead, and I'm not at all sorry. But never fear, there was knitting. I had to do something while I waited for it to be my turn.  See, sock. And while we're here, let's just take a moment to see what a difference blocking makes.  That's the same yarn (String Theory Merino DK), same needles, same stitch, same knitter...totally different look before and after blocking.  [...]

December 12, 2012|


The Boy's sock is done.  Note that's sock, not socks.  He'll likely want both.  I'll need to be a clever kid and take some notes while I make the second, as I think these are nifty enough to share (and they require a bit of fancy maneuvering to get things lined up just so for the toe and the heel). Next time he's around in daylight hours, I'll get a pic with a foot.  But as that won't be until the weekend, I'm taking the lazy way out and using the blocker for now.

December 4, 2012|

As Promised

One furry boy leg and one partially completed sock. The sock is actually about an inch longer than this now (String Theory Merino DK...it knits up wicked wicked wicked fast, and the cables are marvelously sharp), and I may even finish the first one this weekend.  I was all worried that the yarn would be too busy for that much purl background (variegated yarns often look even more, um, enthusiastic on the purl side), but it's coming out great.

December 1, 2012|


In between the website upgrades, the movies, and the ice cream making, the weekend saw a bit of time for some actual knitting.  These are the newest sock on the needles and they will be for The Boy (he certainly deserves them after all the computer time he clocked over the last few days). The yarn is String Theory Merino DK in the color Carina.  The Boy picked it out when we visited String Theory in October.  The color is lovely, and just the tiniest bit odd.  It looks like the yarn itself is yellow and in some spots it's [...]

November 26, 2012|


So I lied.   The plan had been to do these tomorrow.  But in the interest of being all scholarly and productive tomorrow (a girl can dream), I'm doing them today. I'm pleased to present Vaunt. These are the latest in the ongoing attempt to find patterns that are subdued enough to appeal to both guys and girls but still interesting enough to not send the knitter mad with boredom.  I think they hit the spot.  Well, I think this pattern in this color hits the spot.  One of the testers made them in a lovely pale purple that might not [...]

July 4, 2011|

One Down

Thanks to a truly butt-numbing amount of time spent in the car this weekend, the first sock is done, and the second is well underway.  The thick yarn has totally spoiled me.  These felt like they took no time at all (and the contrast to the other socks on the needles, the cable-filled gray ones, couldn't me more dramatic).  I've written them up for testing, and if you want to make your own you can volunteer over here.  With any luck at all, I'll have them finished some time in the next few days.  Just in time for it to [...]

May 24, 2011|

Give me Some Men Who Are Stout-Hearted Men

First, my apologies if the title leaves you whistling terrible songs all day.  That song pops into my head every single time I hear someone talk about manly socks (with the substitution of the word 'socks' wherever you hear 'men' of course).  I wouldn't want to speculate as to why exactly this happens, but it does. Hopefully I've spread the pain a bit. Now with that out of the way, on to the socks. See? The goal was socks that were thick, blue, and guy-friendly. I'm confident I've gotten the thick part down, and pretty comfortable about the blue part.  [...]

May 19, 2011|
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