Book Yarn, Part IX

This picture is a blatant lie.  It shows the lovely Shibui Knits yarn in Sock in the color Honey.  That part that's all well and good.  The lie part is the color.  In a fickle moment, I ended up switching from the Honey you see here to the equally lovely Sand.  Alas, I shamefully neglected to take a picture of the yarn in Sand before sending it off to get knit.  I'm really hoping that this is the biggest organizational snafu I encounter in doing this book.  The chances are small, but a girl can dream. I first found Shibui [...]

July 26, 2010|

Book Yarn, Part VIII

Next up is Silk Crush Sock by Sweet Georgia in Cypress.  I'm going to take a dramatic and unexpected position here and recommend you not click on those links.  Not, that is, unless you want to fritter away the next 45 minutes and who knows how many dollars in a sweaty, sticky, yarn-drenched daze. Sweet Georgia is new to me.  I'd not seen their yarn or even heard of them before I started the book project.  Then someone involved with the book sent me the link.  I don't really remember the hour or so after that.  A bit later yarn [...]

July 24, 2010|

Book Yarn, Part VI

Today I'm showing off Three Irish Girls' lovely Kells Sport in the color Brennan.  I've not worked with this specific base before, but I have used (and very much enjoyed) their Adorn Sock in my Calcareous socks. I first found Three Irish Girls' yarns at Sock Summit.  Their combination of beautiful colors and a wide choice of base yarns was irresistible.  I knew I wanted to include a variety of yarn thicknesses in my book, and Three Irish Girls makes one of the most sock-suitable sport weight yarns I've ever found.  It can be hard to find sport weight yarn [...]

June 25, 2010|


Funambulist \fyu-ˈnam-byə-list\ noun - One who performs on a tightrope (No really, it's a real word...not even some 1970s made up actual, real live, been around for a long time word.) Just a tiny sneak peek today.  These socks are for the From Robin's Nest Four Seasons Sock and Fingerless Mitt Club (quite a mouthful that is).  They will be exclusive to club members until next summer.  However, I'm more or less shameless and will use just about anything as an excuse reason for a post. What can I say?  Most of my knitting at the moment is super [...]

June 23, 2010|

Book Yarn, Part V

Today we've got an appearance by another old favorite, Hand Maiden.  The light gray yarn on top is Bess, a merino / cashmere blend that I've not worked with before.  The darker gray yarn on the bottom is Casbah, a merino / cashmere /nylon blend I've loved for a long time.  One of my first patterns, Slant, was made from Casbah, as was Graupel, one of my more recent offerings. I have a soft spot for Hand Maiden and their sister company Fleece Artist.  When I first started knitting, I used the standard yarns available at Joann or Walmart and [...]

June 22, 2010|

Welcome Craft Sanity Listeners!

If you found your way here through the marvelous Craft Sanity podcast, Welcome!  If you're a regular reader and haven't yet checked out Craft Sanity, you're in for a treat.  Head on over and take a look around. I'm thrilled to be sponsoring the January fifth episode of Craft Sanity.  To welcome listeners, I'm having a little giveaway.  All you have to do is click on the Patterns link, pick your favorite, and leave a comment with its name.  Easy as can be!  Please do be sure to use a working email address (no one but me will see it, [...]

January 5, 2010|

CraftLit Collaboration

I'm thrilled to announce that my Colophon pattern is going to be available for free for the next two months as part of a collaboration with CraftLit.  CraftLit, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of finding it yet, is a marvelous podcast produced by Heather Ordover.  It combines knitting and books, two of my very favorite obsessions.  When Heather announced that she was looking for patterns to accompany the new CraftLit iphone app, I knew I had to see if I could help.  The pattern for Colophon seemed perfect - with a name like that it was [...]

December 21, 2009|

Not Empty

Now for some actual knitting.  That empty box over there, the one under "On the Needles?"  It's a lie.  The needles are not empty.  They are, in fact, quite full.  Alas, almost all the current knitting is secret, so I can't show you pictures.  I'm realizing now that this was poor planning.  I can't show you pretty pictures, but I can let you know a bit about the schedule and what you can expect to see over the next little while. The next pattern you will see is part of Penny Rose's Wicked Women yarn club.  While only club members [...]

December 7, 2009|

Yarn Part the Second

As I mentioned earlier, when I was at Sock Summit, I had the marvelous experience of picking out yarn from several dyers who had asked me to design socks for them.  It was great fun, even if it still feels a little bit like crime. One of the talented dyers who asked me to work with her yarn is Lisa, the force behind Dicentra Designs Fiber Arts.  After much indecision, I picked out a lovely smooshy skein of purple yarn in a lovely 50-50 alpaca merino mix.  The yarn has somehow turned into socks, which then magically turned into a [...]

October 10, 2009|
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