Diluvian (plus giveaway)

It's possible I shouldn't be this entertained by a sock.  In fact I probably shouldn't be (or at least I shouldn't admit in public).  But I can't help it. Diluvian hit pretty much every one of my sock sweet spots, and I'm delighted to bring them back out. Now in my heart of hearts, I think it's hard to beat the fit of a basic ribbed sock.  But I also find basic ribbed socks boring...boring to knit, boring to look at, just totally not worth the trouble.  But give them a bit of a twist?  Sneak in some dropped stitches? [...]

March 15, 2016|

Signs of Life

I have done a thorough investigation and can now confidently say that being sick sucks.  Refusing to lay down and rest so as to get better seems to prolong being sick.  Doing even more stuff than usual because you're busy and things need to get done seems to actually make it worse.  Despite my very best efforts, I appear not to be able to will this germ away and have had to actually lay down and rest as opposed to saying I will lay down and rest and completely neglecting to do so.  I really don't think this is fair [...]

October 31, 2010|


Diluvian are ready to go.  Alas, it's suddenly turned far too hot for wool socks.  I feel somehow cheated.  I'm still rather taken with them though, even if I won't be wearing them for a few more months. I never did quite decide if I like them right side out (above) or wrong side out (below).  Did you?

May 14, 2010|


Two quick bits of news, with more substantive stuff to follow along shortly. First, and quite thrilling, I got a spot in the Silk Retreat just announced by Madam Harlot and Tina of BMFA fame.  I predict it will be splendid.  There really is no room for doubt.  Second, I will be releasing Diluvian a bit earlier than expected.  I had planned to bring them out in early June, but I want to enter them in the sock design contest over at Exercise Before Knitting, and the deadline is approaching.  They'll be going up as soon as I can get [...]

May 12, 2010|


When I was a kid I found watching raindrops on the windows of a car absolutely hypnotic.  I was convinced they were holding raindrop races.  I worked out a whole series of rules and victory conditions and stories for the individual drops.  We'll just say I had a rich inner life and leave it at that. From the first minute I cast these on, the combination of color and pattern reminded me of my raindrop races.  I find these almost as hypnotic.  I'll get a proper picture with feet some time soon, but I had to show these off now.

April 28, 2010|

Greatly Exaggerated

I am assuredly not dead. Busy, yes. Dead, no. Thanks to the folks who emailed to check though. I do like knowing that if I ever should be dead, someone might notice before the cats have the chance to nibble on too much of me. Hopefully The Boy would notice, but he gets busy too sometimes, so it's good to have a back up system at the ready. Busy with what you ask? Why the book of course, which explains much of my dreadful silence.  Luckily, the part of the project where all of my knitting time is focused on [...]

April 15, 2010|


The current project is about to go up for testing on ravelry. If you are just dying to make these (and willing to risk the occasional typo for the chance to make them before I officially release the pattern), this is your chance. I've still not decided if I like the inside or the outside better. Have you?

April 11, 2010|


Well this seems as though it could be rather promising.  I really do like them both ways, though the inside out version is currently slightly in the lead.  I'm actually starting to like the reverse stockinette sole too.  Apparently some people make all their socks that way because it makes the inside of the sock particularly smooth. I think that when I write them up, I'll just explain how to arrange it so that the regular stockinette side of the sole matches up with either side of the stitch pattern. In other news, I'm picking up my new car tomorrow [...]

March 26, 2010|

So Much for Restraint

It was supposed to be a swatch.  It really was.  But you see, I hate swatching in the round.  I know how, I can do it, I just don't like to.  So I went ahead and swatched over a whole cuff's worth of stitches.  Then, well, then it was too nifty to rip out.  See?  The only problem is, that's the inside of the sock.  I'm not quite sure if i carry on as I am, or if I rip and redo it so that the pattern is reversed.  Would you run screaming from a pattern who's last instruction was [...]

March 24, 2010|
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