Well that’s very tidy

Oh hey look, two toes. Around here, that totally means there are two whole finished socks (not sure how you toe up folks do it...if I knit my socks toe up, I'd get about 1/2 an inch past the heel and decide 'eh, ankle socks are in now' and call it a day). And yes, there will be a pattern down the road!  But since this sock lends itself to variations, and since I know some of the very nicest knitters in the world and they help me make samples, it seems like we're going to do a few different [...]

August 4, 2016|

Nearly there

We've reached the point where I start questioning why I didn't just make a note of how many rows I did after the foot pattern and before the toe decreases on the first sock.  Given that I reach this stage in most every pair of socks I knit, you'd think I'd just go ahead and start doing that. But apparently, no.  Apparently I like counting rows on the knitting itself or something.

July 27, 2016|

Wandering eye

The sock has continued to grow. It's actually even a bit longer than this now (I finished the gusset and got about 8 rows into the foot proper in my last fit of nobility. But I fear for its future, for I have an idea.  An idea for something to do with speckled yarns.  And it just so happens I have not one but two speckled yarns hanging out in my stash.  And we all know the new idea is ever ever ever so much more entertaining than the half finished project...  

July 22, 2016|

Clearly a sock

Yes, more progress! No it's not done.  Won't likely be done for another month at least. Because I'm lazy and shiftless I have lots of things competing for my time I'm taking my time and enjoying the process.  Yeah, that's it.  That's totally it.

July 17, 2016|

Bite sized goals

I'll be over here giving myself the 'tiny steps add up' pep talk, mkay?  We knitters are awfully good at that. Entire pairs of socks are tens of thousands of stitches.  That's far too hard to think about.  I will, instead, be thinking just about this next row here.  Possibly about the ten rows that stand between me and the end of the leg.  But I will be staunchly ignoring the idea of the whole sock.

July 14, 2016|

Small steps

No, no the cabled socks are not done.  The cabled socks likely won't be done until it does something drastic like start to snow.  But there has been progress. And you know what, some days forward momentum is all you can really ask for.  So we'll call it a win and celebrate it. And maybe, just maybe, we'll build on it tomorrow.

July 11, 2016|

What’s the opposite of progress?

The sock grew and grew. It needs just about an inch more foot before it's time for the toe. But my motivation has, as expected, picked up and gone elsewhere.  I've not actually knit a stitch on this in close to a week. The plan is to staple myself to the chair, put something entertaining on netflix, and trick myself into finishing it up this weekend.  Feel free to harass me about it if you don't see more sock next week.  Not too early though.  Monday is a holiday, and I do not intend to come near the computer.  And [...]

June 30, 2016|


The tidy socks of tidiness continue to be unreasonably satisfying.  They've reached that 'looks properly like a sock' stage of things, which is always rather motivational. Oh and the other side will do something like this. Of course now I just have to motivate myself to put in the rows until things get interesting again at the toes, which is never my strong suit.  Someone send bribes.

June 24, 2016|

More Tricks

Somehow the nifty little magic trick swatch has gone and turned itself into nifty (if rather larger) magic trick socks.  Or at least into the start of socks. Funny how that happens! Yarn is some Dirty Water Dye Works' Marie that I got on our trip back in 2013.  it is going to make excellent socks.  Now if one of you would just come bang out a few more inches for me while I go take a nap?

June 20, 2016|
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