One of the many delightful things about Very Fancy Washcloths is being able to put a wee little loop on them so you can hang them up. And now yes, it does alas mean you end up knitting four and a half miles of icord (technically, more like 8 inches, but around the 7 inch mark those two might as well be the same thing), but I swear it's worth it in the end.

January 22, 2024|


So sometimes, for completely legitimate and valid reasons, you find yourself needing to knit a teeny tiny brioche leaf. This is especially likely to happen if, say, last fall you knit a whole stack of much bigger brioche leaves to make The Best Washcloths Ever, and now you find yourself needing to remind your fingers and brain how yarn works so you can finish up the pattern. Look, I didn't say you were likely to need to knit a teeny tiny brioche leaf. I just said it was a thing that happened sometimes. Because clearly it is! (Yarn is Little [...]

January 18, 2024|


Please clap. I have woven in Twenty Four Ends (six leafs, two colors per leaf, two ends per color). Now normally I actually love weaving in ends. But twenty four ends, in brioche (so both sides are the pretty side, so you have to be extra careful), in slightly slinky yarn (so you have to secure them a bit more than with a grippier yarn), was still An Undertaking. But it's done now, which means I can get these blocked and primped for some fancy photos some time soon!

January 8, 2024|


The fascination will, surely, at some point break. All previous fascinations have. This one will too. But for now? For now it continues unabated.⁠ The yarn is by Little Skein Anne (two different weights of her silk and linen magic). And I suspect there will end up being a pattern of some sort, at some point (though likely not till January, perhaps we can use them as part of a 'be nicer to yourself' resolution, which is about the only sort of new year's resolution I'm interested in at this point).

October 11, 2023|


So the thing about brioche leaves is that they can be made in an awful lot of shapes. I mean the whole structure of the stitch just sort of lends itself to leafy shapes. Which means we may find ourselves with rather a lot of different options. Please reassure me that no one will find this distressing...

October 8, 2023|

Happy Mail

One of the many fringe benefits of my job is getting yarn in the mail.  The latest is this lovely bit of goodness from Louet. Once it was here, I marched it over to one of my local purveyors of nifty things, Long Winter Farm (they have visiting kittens in the shop, it's a dangerously cute place) and found some pretty soap to go with it. As you might guess, that means those facecloths from last year are coming back, this time with a pattern.  Yup, it surprises me too, but I absolutely adore mine and use them all the [...]

May 3, 2018|

Business as usual

We're starting to feel settled in.  I know where almost everything is (though the basement still holds some mysteries) and we're down to just a tiny handful of boxes lingering in corners.  All of which means it's time to get back to work and do some knitting!  This was technically finished up just before we left Cleveland, but I've not shown it off, so I'm taking shameless liberties with the timeline and doing so now. I really do like these more than I should...I mean yes, it's just a facecloth.  It's the complete opposite of fancy or complicated or flashy.  [...]

October 2, 2017|

Let’s pretend

We're just going to ignore the bit about how I put this down when there were only a few hours left of work to do on it, picked up a totally different yarn, and knit an entire hat.  Instead we're going to focus on how I've now picked it back up.  Alright? There really wasn't much more to do at all... Though of course it does need a fair whack of i-cord there at the end... Yes, a good solid foot of it.  But it's done now, so all that's left is a bit of ends management and two overhand [...]

September 16, 2017|

Oddly Satisfying

So it's done, and it would be a lie to say I enjoyed knitting it (though really...that's probably the case for about half the things I knit...I just get bored half way through no matter what), but I do like how it came out. And I know I will like having it.  The trick is to have the thing and enjoy using it longer than you grumbled about making it! Now...I just have to come to grips with the fact that this took just under 1/3 of the yarn...meaning I could have two more if I got to feeling industrious.

July 3, 2017|
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