Graupel (plus giveaway)

You know how the right yarn and the right stitches can come together to make something that's niftier than it has any right to be?  That's totally what happens with Graupel, and I'm so excited to have them back out! The leg has a little sample of everything (a bit of cabling, a bit of lace, and a bit of ribbing), all in a four row repeat.  Yet somehow, it manages to feel calm, not busy. Then when you get down to the foot, stitches come swooping in from the side to wrap your foot in soothing stockinette.  Now of [...]

October 27, 2015|


Once I decided that the initial incarnation of the gray socks had to give way to a new version, the next step was to free the yarn.  Now this is actually surprisingly hard for me.  I loathe ripping.  I always feel like I'm throwing away all that time I spent knitting.  But in this case, there was absolutely no way I was ever going to use (or even finish) the socks, and the yarn was too pretty to waste. So out came the darning needle and the swift.  I picked out my ends (why on earth am I so thorough [...]

October 26, 2015|


Apparently I've sunk to the level of using my blog to record the weather.  This is doubtless shameful.  But I've checked, and there are far more shameful things on the internet, so I'm letting it slide.  Because snowed yesterday.  And I almost missed it. snow. Especially the first snow of the  year.  It gets less charming some time around February, but for now it's awesome.  This snow came while I was asleep and was almost melted by the time I woke up.  As such, I've made the executive decision that it's not quite the first snow.  It's more [...]

November 12, 2011|


As promised - Graupel.  Just in time for your Olympic knitting pleasure! I'm sure it's terribly conceited of me to say it, but I'm awfully pleased with these.  I know, I like them all (I'm hardly going to put out a pattern I don't like, now am I?), but these are really rather special. They start out with a lovely crisp ribbing.  It's a ridiculously simple 4 row repeat that you'll have memorized in no time at all.  Once you're done with that, you make a nice neat heel flap with a tiny little decoration down each side to keep [...]

February 10, 2010|


It seems you all did an excellent job of sending the sun my way this weekend.  While the coast was getting their exciting wee blizzard, we got 2 inches on Saturday and lovely bright sunshine on Sunday.  See?  I'm overly amused by how well the socks and the fence match.  I'm sure this speaks poorly of my character, but that's just the way it is.

February 8, 2010|

The People Have Spoken!

You want Graupel, Graupel you shall have.  I will release it later this month and then release Caprice in March.  A few people have mentioned that they'd like to have the pattern for some of the various Olympic themed knitting events they're participating in.  The pattern is done, so I can totally do that.  I'll plan to put it up Thursday the eleventh.  Of course this does mean I absolutely positively must get pictures taken this weekend.  If you see the sun, send it this way. For any of you dedicated athletes out there who want to start training (ie [...]

February 4, 2010|

Choose Your Own

I am a child of the 80s.  As such, "Choose Your Own Adventure" books play an alarming role my memories of my distant youth.  The writing was contrived, the illustrations dreadful, and yet they still filled me with an unreasonable fascination.  In honor of their (doubtless unsavory) influence, I'm letting you choose your next knitting adventure. I have two patterns ready to go, Graupel (on the left) and Caprice (on the right).  Click on either to see gigantic versions if you're so inclined.  One will be released in February and the other in March.  You pick.  I will take it [...]

January 31, 2010|

Proof of Concept

So the weekend bit didn't work out.  It was cold and rainy.  I am valiant enough to hang about in the snow to get pictures, but not the rain.  The snow came back today, so I dashed out for a quick snap, just to prove that they really are done.  Alas, this is not a pattern-worthy photo, so I still have to wait a bit before I can start wearing them full time.  It is, however, enough to tease you with.  See?

January 26, 2010|


Graupel are done, and they are taunting me.  There they lay...finished...blocked...totally ready to go.  And yet, they are not on my feet.  That's because I don't have good pictures of them, and the rule is 'no wearing the socks till they're photographed.'  At least it's a weekend, which increases the number of people around during daylight hours, and thus dramatically increases the chances of getting photos.  With any luck at all I'll be wearing them tomorrow and I'll have finished sock photos to post some time shortly after that.

January 23, 2010|
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