Gauge…as usual

Everyone always wants to know *why* I say not to knit with yarn when it's all crumpled up like this. The answer is gauge. The wavy yarn will knit up at a different gauge than the straight stuff. The wavy yarn is more irregular, so it will just about always knit up more loosely (about a half stitch per inch difference on most yarns in my experience). And if you use the wavy bit for a while, then switch to the straight bit for the rest of the project, that change in gauge will be locked into your fabric and [...]

March 6, 2024|

Sidereal (plus giveaway)

The hat? The lovely, loopy, purple hat that lots of you have been asking about since December? Well it's out and you can grab it now! I really did have a good time with this one.  At heart, it's just a standard ribbed hat with a deep folded brim.  Because really, that's an awfully good thing for a hat to be.  Hats like that are easy and comfy and cozy. But if ribbing is all you've got going on, things can get a tiny bit dull.  So you throw in a little something fun every few rows to make those [...]

March 6, 2018|

Heads up

This lovely little bit of business is coming one week from today. I used a skein of Hedgehog Fibres' Skinny Singles in Ghost (it took me a little less than 300 yards), just in case you want to do a quick stash dive or a bit of yarn procurement before it comes out!  This is the perfect thing to do with single ply yarns (which can be a bit delicate, so hats are a perfect choice).  And of course the pattern will be written so you can easily use fingering, sport, or dk weight yarn. And as always, folks on [...]

February 27, 2018|


So I've talked before about how I really do think you should be blocking your hats.  And I definitely practice what I preach.  You've never seen a hat in a pattern photo that wasn't blocked (and blocked firmly at that).  But something we haven't talked much about is brims. I like folded up brims, and I often like fairly deep ones (this one is approaching the upper limit of brim depth acceptability, but I like it, so I'm going with it).  Now if you use twisted stitches on your brim, your fabric is likely to bias a bit.  And really, [...]

February 2, 2018|


There. I can now say, with certainty, that I am perfectly able to knit a hat on circular needles. Turns out I can also say, with equal certainty, that it is not my preferred method of knitting a hat.  I figured out that I just really really REALLY dislike sliding the stitches off of the cable and back onto the needle.  The physical sensation of it is just unpleasant.  And I'm not a tight knitter, so I don't think that is the problem.  So unless someone makes circs where the cable and the needle are nearly the same size, I [...]

January 31, 2018|

Lest you worry…

So I know it's been all hearts all the time.  That's because they are clearly a force for evil and have some sort of nefarious plan to take over the world by co-opting all our needles at once.  They may even succeed. But just in case you were getting worried, there has been progress on the hat since last you saw it. It is, in fact, starting to be quite recognizable as a hat to even non-knitters (always a positive sign) Just a bit more to go and it will be all done.  This will probably be the next pattern [...]

January 26, 2018|

Flip it around

I keep peeking inside this hat because I like how it looks on the inside almost (almost...there's still a clear winner) as much as how it looks on the outside.  So here's the outside ('s gotten bigger)! And here's the inside. And here's another shot (pulled properly inside out so you can tell what side is the top...because that last one is a little crumpled). I should have this done fairly soon here (I'm finally better enough and have found a comfortable enough way to sit that I can knit, which is awfully helpful for moving forward on patterns!).  I [...]

January 17, 2018|

Now for the fun bit

Made it through the ribbing...all 6 flipping inches of it. I console myself with the idea that my ears will be warm and cozy. And that the fun part is pretty enough to make up for the quiet start!   [pextestim pex_attr_set="looking-for-this-pattern" pex_attr_autoplay="false"][/pextestim]

January 9, 2018|

Proof of Concept…

So I mean yes, it does seem to be technically possible for me to knit with circular needles... But I'm still finding it deeply, deeply awkward.  But I still fail to have suitable long DPNs in this size, and I still do not want to knit a hat on short DPNs (I've done it, it's pain).  So I'm still pretending this will work. Tell me it eventually feels less like wrestling with an angry squid? And in case it doesn't, lots of lovely folks recommended the needles from Indian Lake Artisans when I posted about this on instagram.  They apparently [...]

December 28, 2017|
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