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So while the patches are in the wash and drying, I'm building up the hole and thin area by more or less weaving new fabric over it. I rolled up a blanket and shoved it in the sleeve to hold everything open and flat and stable. Then I just went back and forth first one way then the other, making sure I was making it big enough that it went out to where there was solid fabric. This wouldn't be a suitable mend all by itself (it's not dense enough), but I'll be putting the knit patches over this once [...]

March 25, 2023|

More mending

Still fixing the craptastic sweater from Madewell that has fallen apart after less than a season of wear! Quick recap. I bought three of this sweater this fall. I have about five sweaters I rotate through to wear around the house most days (always over a long sleeve t-shirt), taking them off and putting them on over the course of the day as needed.⁠ All three of these sweaters started developing thin spots and holes right away. That's because they are made out of shoddy material. Madewell calls it 'recycled cashmere' and claims it's 'better for the planet.' In reality [...]

March 20, 2023|

Warn others

Wander over here if you want to watch how I actually did the darning on this one (because look, I do not feel like figuring out how to put videos on here, and instagram is making us all make videos anyway, so they can host the damn things). This is, alas, an individual enough process that I can't give you a one size fits all process to just walk through. So think of this more as generalized encouragement and cheerleading and an example rather than as instructions. But sometimes that's useful too! And folks will ask, so no, I haven't [...]

February 15, 2023|

Still shoddy

Another day, another shoddy sweater from Madewell that fell apart way too soon. This one has a massive elbow blow out after three wears.⁠ Clothes shouldn't do this. A competently made sweater should last longer than this.⁠ Someone is for sure going to ask why I have so many of Madewell's sweaters if they're such crap. It's because I bought a bunch of the exact same sweaters at the beginning of the winter before I knew they were trash.⁠ I do this a lot because I have a wobbly brain that is Very Fucking Particular about clothes (fabric content, cut, [...]

February 14, 2023|

Holey, part 5

See, it gets cooler the more you fill it in. Good taste suggests I show a modicum of restraint and call this bit finished. Wouldn't want to overdo it...⁠ Though there are a few other holes on this sweater, so I suspect the absurdities will continue for a bit yet.⁠ If you want to watch me stitch a few of these and talk about how I make them, I did a bit of that over on patreon.

January 10, 2023|

Holey, part 4

Ok see, I told you it gets better if you keep going!⁠ The trick really is to just keep at it. One looks lonely, two or three look kinda sad. But once you start to get a whole bunch of them all hanging out together, they get cuter and cuter. Though I'm not done yet, I want to add a few more in there still.⁠ These are dead easy to do, and good for covering lots of ground quickly, so they're one of my favorites for covering up holes/stains/evidence of past crimes.⁠ Should you have some unfathomable urge to watch [...]

January 9, 2023|

Holey, part 3

Ok real talk, It Always Looks Kinda Underwhelming At The Beginning. No really, I finally figured this out. EVERY time I go to stitch on a hole, I spend the first half hour I'm stitching thinking ew, this is not good, why am I so bad at this, I suck, what will everyone think, I should just throw this away. Like to the point where I actually have a hard time showing you this because it's dreadfully unassuming at this stage. But mending, at least my mending, always looks like that right about now, so I wanted to show you [...]

January 8, 2023|

Holey, part 2

So the first step in mending is always assessing the situation and making a plan. In this case, the situation is a couple of midsized (about the size of my thumbnail) holes in a dark pajama sweater (meaning a sweater I only really wear around the house). And the plan is 'take to it with highlighter colored stitches in an attempt to stave off January despair with absurdity and eye-searing neon.' So that should be fun.⁠ I figured I'd give it a quick swipe to get off any fuzzy bits before I started, just to make it more fun to [...]

January 7, 2023|


Ok, I have a sweater with holes (one I bought in 2021 and wore constantly and while wrangling knife-tipped kittens, so I'm much less salty about the holes in this one than about the disintegration of the last one), and a stack of delightfully bright embroidery floss. Which means I'll soon have a sweater with a bunch of decorations instead of a sweater with holes.⁠ I asked folks over on patreon if they wanted to watch me mend this, and the consensus was a resounding yes, so I'll mostly be showing it off over there, but I suspect it will [...]

January 6, 2023|
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