Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Oh yeah, so the photo shoot wasn't the only thing laying claim to my attention over the last week or two.  There was also this. Well, actually, there was that times two.  The first pallet of books has just already been opened and dealt with. It's all because the last shipment, you know, the one that came seven weeks ago, is gone.  Totally totally gone.  So I had to go ahead and do this. Kinda nifty if you ask me.  Let's see if we can do that for the next book, too, ok?

April 15, 2015|

Ne’er-Do-Well Knits preorder details

Two orders of business today.  One is getting you all the details of the Ne'er-Do-Well Knits preorder so you can grab it tomorrow at the reduced price.  But, first...and far more important, super adorable bonus kitten shot. That's from a little adventure we had this weekend, the details of which will be shared later this week. But it seemed cruel not to just go ahead and get that level of adorable out to the world right away.  So there you go, hope that starts your week off right. Now, on to business.  Preorders.  Yes I'm doing one, but I'm keeping [...]

September 30, 2013|

To Keep Sane

So after the giant shipping extravaganza (and consequent set-to with the post office), it became clear that I needed to come up with a streamlined way to take care of shipping out books if I was to stay sane.  Now, most books I'll never lay eyes (much less hands) on.  The books generally go from the printer straight to Unicorn (my distributor).  Then Unicorn takes care of sending them out to stores.  Some go on to Amazon, who takes care of sending them out to individuals.  But I do ship some. If you buy from the book's website, I generally [...]

July 3, 2012|
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