Um, so, speaking of being distracted by shiny objects, did you know that you can iron and sew mulberry paper preeeeeeetty much the same way you'd sew fabric? And that this can lead to no end of distraction? And also to some lovely window shades to help deal with the glaring daystar of death lurking outside your window? Because you totally totally can...and very possibly should.

July 16, 2023|


If you've been here a while, you know all about this. You know that this is a compunction that comes on me this time of year. A compunction that I am more or less helpless to resits. I spend a few minutes folding a bunch of these. Then carefully carefully glueing them together (the glue dots are new this year and so far, they are a tremendous improvement over previous methods). Rinse and repeat until the urge passes or I run out of window space. People always always always ask, so yes, I can tell you how to do it.  [...]

November 26, 2019|


The sun is setting somewhere around 4pm.  All I can say is that my office windows face west, so at least I get the light as long as possible.  That helps...and filling those west-facing windows with these helps too! I've chatted about them here before, and the fascination remains as strong as ever. If you want to make some yourself, you need the magic paper.  It's sort of like a cross between tracing paper and cellophane (it's not like the colored tissue paper you wrap presents in).  You can find little squares of it here and big giant sheets of [...]

November 27, 2017|
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