Ok so the plan had been to put this out like a regular pattern. But then my sock model ended up with a schedule conflict. And normally I'd just wait and bring it out later, but patience is Not My Strong Suit Right Now. So we'll compromise! This one will be free to anyone on patreon (yes, even the free patreon memberships) until I manage to get out and get photos with real feet in them (don't worry, you'll get an update when I get new pics). Do I know when that will be? Nope! It involves coordinating the schedules of [...]

May 29, 2024|


If you're in the mood to spread a little love, today seems like a fine day to do it. Instructions for the wee tiny sprinkles right over here (it's a public post, anyone can grab them). Because sometimes you just need a little handful of hearts to handout as the day goes along. I don't make the rules. But I do make rather a lot of tiny nonsense.

February 14, 2024|

So inclined

You can, should you be so inclined, spend the weekend making any of these things. The knitted hearts are Palpitation, the knitted envelope is Dispatch, and the teeny tiny heart sprinkles are nameless but completely delightful (and you can find the instructions for them right over here). You know, just in case you want to spend the day spreading a little love around!

February 10, 2024|

Loved to bits

Wanna make some tiny, gleeful, ridiculous bits of good cheer? Because I can totally help make that happen! The instructions for the wee tiny bits of joy (not quite confetti, not quite glitter, but somehow possessing the magic of both) are over here for anyone who wants them. There's a nifty little code for 50% off Palpitation or Dispatch (those are the knitted hearts and envelope in the photos) in there too, just in case you want to make some knitted bits of glee to go along with the shiny bits. But really, spend an hour or two playing with [...]

February 4, 2024|


Need a low-stakes, low-stress project today? The coloring book based on those paper stars might do the trick! It's free, and anyone can download it right over here. ⁠ I can't promise it'll keep your kids distracted or make your terrible relative any less infuriating. But I spent a happy hour distracting myself with pretty colors and tidy lines and orderly shapes. And sometimes that's enough to call it a win.⁠ Here's hoping your day isn't too stressful and has at least a few moments of calm!

December 25, 2023|


I have it on good authority that I'm not the only one who still has their colored pencils (or who has obtained more in adulthood, a move that I completely support)! Which means I suspect I'm not the only one who might enjoy a little coloring book inspired by our lovely stars. Because really, every single time I see them, I think 'ooooh, that would be fun to color...' So this year I made that happen! I commissioned a talented friend to turn the outlines of the stars into line drawings, and I put together a little coloring book with [...]

December 22, 2023|


This is for anyone feeling nervous about folding the stars! Remember the little one I folded and put together on video last week? Yeah, I wrote up the folding instructions for that one and put them together for you to try out.⁠ ⁠ If you've been looking at the stars and thinking 'ack, I want to make them, but I'm worried I won't be able to follow the directions,' this should help! It'll give you a sense what sort of folds are involved and how the instructions are structured so you can give it a try before you buy the [...]

December 13, 2023|

Crowning Glory

You know I can't resist a good crown!⁠ The first picture is the new Constellate variation (see how the fancy stitches are offset and on stockinette). The second picture is the original Constellate in a contrast color (see how they fancy stitches are all lined up on ribbing and looking shockingly sea urchin-esque). And the last one is the original Constellate in a single color (same as the second one, just a wee bit more subdued).⁠ I find them all hopelessly charming. Though to be fair, I tend to find almost every hat crown hopelessly charming. It's a known problem [...]

September 22, 2023|


Ok, let's walk through the differences on these (video version over on insta if you want to see me flop things about)! On the original Constellate, our little bit of fancy business is all stacked up nice and neat in columns and set against a ribbed background. And on the variation, that same little bit of fancy business is instead offset and set against a stockinette background.  The ribbed background on the original lends itself to a folded brim, and the stockinette background to a rolled brim. You can work either one with either one color straight through or with [...]

September 20, 2023|
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